The trip that marked a milestone in our lives

Every summer since I was born i used to travel with my parents to Miami and F.lauderdale to visit my family and enjoy those marvellous places but when I was five my mom suffered from back problems and she had to stop traveling. Twelve years passed until we could go back there again, twelve years in which my mom was gradually recovering  and doing slow but important improvements that concerned her and all my family ( my dad,my younger sister and me) .Han sido doce años aproximadamente los que hemos tardado en volver , 

I can’t express with words what doing that trip again meant for us, it wasn’t just getting on the plane and waiting eight hours until we arrived, ii meant much more than that, it was a huge step on my mother’s life, in our lives, it was a challenge and a personal growth, finally she was getting better. It was an experience I considered lost many years ago, I stopped dreaming about it. 

You may be thinking that I could have travelled there by my own and that I could have visited my family but that’s not the fact, of course I can travel by my own and of course I saw my family during that years, but the important thing wasn’t that at all, it was to fulfill a dream that long time ago was snatched from us. 

Theres nothing in this world my mom loves more than traveling, and being able to go back to her roots, the place where for her everything started was one of the biggest gifts she could had. I can’t imagine what it meant for her If for me it was an impressive moment. She is without doubt the best example of self-improvement I know. 

Its imposible to know what the future provides so we must make the most of our lifes because maybe everything you have today will evaporate tomorrow. You must fight for what you desire, you have to move on. 


(Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Photo taken during that trip)



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