Each note is a word, each beat a sentence and each song a memory

The piano, for some people just and instrument, for others a way of expression and for me one of the best things in this life .

I started taking piano classes with only three or four years, you may think that’s exaggerated but the truth is that  I had a huge interest for it since I was very little, I loved sitting next to my grandmother and hearing how she played it and I think I’d never gone to one of those classes without excitement and enthusiasm about improving and learning.

I took classes until a few years ago when my teacher retired and for one thing or another I decided not to look for another teacher and dedicate more time to it on my free time. I gradually left it behind and you don’t know how much i regret it. So a couple of months ago I decided to sit in front of it again to make up for lost time. The result wasn’t at all the expected because I had lost a lot of level and skill but I felt completed again. I knew that as soon as I dedicate more time to it and practice again I’d play it as i did before or even better, because life is like playing the piano, without perseverance and effort everything fades, you still have the essence but you lose the majesty.

The piano can be a lot of things and it can help people in many different ways, like strengthen expression.In my opinion there’s no better way to forget the world and evade. Music is part of our lives and having the privilege of being able to play it, represent it yourself and make it yours not only fills you up and creates in you a feeling of peak, it makes you be the person you are today, it completes you.

I may not be a brilliant pianist, in no way, but the feeling that produces me being able to compose its magical, because each note is a word, each beat  a sentence and each song a memory, it is part of you.

Here I post three quotes that in my opinion describes perfectly what the piano is :

“The piano assembles and summarizes the whole art in it.”  (Franz Liszt)

“Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.” (Tom Lehrer)

“Life is like playing the piano. First you learn to play by the rules. Then you must forget the rules and play from the heart.” (Anonymous author)

Grand piano




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